Ijo Temple Sunset

Ijo Temple Sunset

Take Best Picture In Sunset Ijo Temple
Jogja has beautiful traditional places such as Prambanan, Boko and Ijo Temple. In Ijo
Temple, you will see some spots, for example, the decoration of the temple style and the
sunset. Those the spot in Ijo Temple that is appropriate for picture spot.

Why Did It Name As Ijo Temple?
Ijo has the meaning of green in the Javanese Language. It named has taken for this temple
because this temple was built on the green hill. Local people said this hill as Gumuk
Ijo. Based on the other information about this Temple, Ijo Temple was built in the ninth
century. Ijo is the first name that is said in Prasasti Poh.
Besides, people give name – Ijo for this temple in 906 M. This ancient epigraphy is taken
from a person who came from Wuang Hijau Village and was attending in ceremonial.
Therefore the named of Ijo has over 1.100 years old.

The Style Of The Ijo Temple
The complex for the Ijo Temple has the design of the terraces. This terrace is outstretched
into the top. In the east area, it has the higher terraces and you will find the center of a
temple in the backward. You also see the part of some terraces in Ijo Temple. At the first
terrace, it has a stair surface that is outstretched from the west into the east.
Next, if you go to the top of terraces, you will find around the fence and the eight Linggam
Patok that is a kind of red lead, which is using for antirust paint. In the last terraces, you will
see the main temple and the Perwara Temple – which are the complement temple

Many Kinds Of Relief In Ijo Temple
In the amazing moment when you visit this place, you can find some beautiful reliefs that
have meaning in history and philosophical. In the main temple, you will see Lingga Yoni that
is named the statue. In this statue, you will see the united symbol Shiva and Parvati. In the
Perwara temple, you also find transportation from Shive. You will find the other symbols on
many sides and parts.

The Access Route To Ijo Temple
It located on the cross of the Prambanan Temple. The easier access to see Ijo Temple in
Jogja City. You can find a way through Solo Way. This the route to visit Prambanan Market
that is located in the Prambanan complex then you can go to Ijo Temple with a car, driver
online or motorcycle. To visit there, you can go there free.

To visit Unique Temple with the fresh and natural scenery, Ijo Temple is the best
recommendation for us.